There’s so much to learn. Here’s some help.

Donna Chaney offers these links so you can become better informed and always remain in control of your finances. Please check this page often for new links.

People and organizations

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

An excellent source of financial literacy information and initiatives.

California Society of CPAs

Not just a place for license holders, you will find the Public Resources page rather extensive. License lookup can be found there and financial literacy resources abound.

Lilli Cloud

If you don’t already know what makes you extraordinary, Lilli will help you figure it out. And, help you let others know about it too.

Lois Frankel, Ph.D.

Lois is an internationally recognized expert in the field of leadership development for women and a bestselling author. Read her books on leadership, career and personal finance, and you’ll know what to do next.

Karen E. Klein

Karen is a writer who covers entrepreneurship and small–business issues for BloombergBusinessweek. She is an excellent resource for your business questions, and a friend of Chaney Financial Services who is always willing to be our workshop guest speaker.

Barbara Stanny

Barbara’s advice and passion come from her own experiences with money. When you need more help in changing your relationship with money than a CPA/PFS can provide, Barbara can help you through the transformation.

Sue Stevens

I “met” Sue online when she was Director of Financial Planning at Morningstar. It was the excellent advice that I received from her columns that led me to my passion for helping others with their personal finances and investments. We share Arthur Andersen on our career paths. Her new book “Radiant Wealth” and her earlier “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is” are excellent money guides.

Liz Weston

Liz is the reason I’m an independent, fee-only adviser, so you might say that I took her advice to heart. It changed my life. I read her columns in the LA Times and More magazine, and had the good fortune to meet Liz in person at a fundraiser for Bloom Again, where I had the opportunity to thank her for the impact she had on my life.

Mary Winners

Mary is an expert on senior care issues and her company is About Senior Solutions. She applies her talents, professionalism and creativity to one of families’ most critical issues.

Women at Work

A Pasadena-based nonprofit dedicated to improving the career and earnings potential of women.

Books and DVDs

Some investment classics:

  • All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan
  • Your Money or Your Life
  • Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
  • Radiant Wealth
  • Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich
  • Your Credit Score
  • Prince Charming Isn’t Coming
  • Herb & Dorothy