Put your investments to work for you with Donna’s help.

They’re your investments. They should be in your best interest.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Donna:

Step 1: The Framework

Two key elements make up your investment framework, your:

  • Financial plan
  • Investment policy statement
Financial Plan

Your investment plan is based upon the financial plan Donna prepares for you. By this time, she has gotten to know you. She understands your situation, your goals, and how much money you need today and in the future.

Investment Policy Statement

Your investment policy statement captures your risk tolerance, preferences and restrictions. For example, you may not want to invest in tobacco stocks or you may prefer environmentally responsible companies. Or, it may be important to you that your investments balance any corporate stock you hold in your 401(k) plan.

Step 2: Investment Management Plan

After your investment policy statement is drafted, she’ll research the best options for you and present a strategic recommendation for asset allocation and specific investment vehicles. Together, you and Donna will revise the strategy until you’re both satisfied it will help you meet your investment goals and complement your financial plan.

When completed, your investment management plan will clearly communicate your current investment situation and Donna’s recommendations. You can choose to implement the plan yourself or have Donna manage the investments on your behalf. No investment decisions will be made without your advance approval because Donna works on a non-discretionary basis. That means you’re in charge.

Step 3: Ongoing Investment Management and Consultation

To keep you on track, Donna monitors your investments’ performance against your goals on an ongoing basis, reporting to you quarterly and annually, and meeting with you at least annually, while making herself available to discuss changes in your situation, answer questions and address concerns about your investment plan at any time.

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