Where do you want to be?

If you’re ready to move forward with your life, Donna Chaney’s independent, fee-only financial planning services and investment management services can help focus you on living the life you want today and tomorrow.

Financial Planning ›

A lot of people think financial planning is about retirement – but it’s not. It’s about your life.

Here’s why. Financial planning:
  • Helps you identify and record your financial and lifestyle goals
  • Ensures the choices you make are moving you toward those goals
  • Guides necessary strategic decisions as your life and circumstances change
  • Measures your progress, giving you confidence and peace of mind

Investment Management ›

When you’ve completed the initial financial planning process, now you have a context for your investment decisions.

Most importantly, they’re your investments. They should be in your best interest.

But the plethora of options in the complicated financial universe can make it difficult to see what decisions are in your best interest. As a Registered Investment Advisor, former auditor, and CPA/PFS, Donna will make sure your decisions are always in your best interest.

To achieve your goals, Donna provides strategic investment management services that put your money to work for you.

In short, Donna sells advice, not products.

Find out more about the advantages of this way of doing business.