Money News from Donna Chaney

My consultations with clients are always private and confidential. I can tell you, however, that many of my clients share the same questions and concerns regarding their finances. Often someone asks a question whose answer can benefit my other clients. If I tried to cover all these topics during our regular meetings, it would take up all of our time together.

Today’s world offers so much important personal financial information to act upon. And that’s why many of you hire me — to help you stay on top of things while spending less time and energy yourself. So I’m introducing a monthly newsletter for clients and friends as a way to give you more value from our financial planning relationship.

Each month, I will present a unique, holistic view of popular topics important to you. As you know, I will be straightforward, transparent, strategic and independent in my point of view. I will also select topics that you may not hear much about elsewhere. Count on me to share information that can make a big difference to you.

I will ask you to pose questions and suggest topics each month. I will sometimes invite you to take surveys, then I’ll publish your responses. I want this newsletter to be a source of information, confidence and enjoyment — all in the strictest of confidence, of course.

You are automatically subscribed to this new and free service. Please feel free to forward the newsletter to family, friends or colleagues who may find value in it or who may be interested in learning more about my services.

Best regards,
Donna Chaney, CPA/PFS